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The aim of this essay is to analyze the notion of "loving, knowing ignorance," a type of "arrogant perception" that produces ignorance about women of color and their work at the same time that it proclaims to have both knowledge about and loving perception tow...


Inner city women with severe mental illness may carry multiple stigmatized statuses. In some contexts these include having a mental illness, being a member of an ethnic minority group, being an immigrant, being poor, and being a woman who does not live up to g...


Structural theories of stratification predict that groups with low positions in social hierarchies experience high rates of mental health problems. Extensions of this approach such as a triple jeopardy hypotheses claim that groups that are subordinate in multip...


Cultural concerns about race, class and beauty often intersect with mass-mediated depictions of the female body. Drawing on Foucault's theories about disciplining the public body, this article examines the changing public perception of Anna Nicole Smith from...


The country music industry, centered in Nashville, Tennessee, was almost exclusively male-dominated until the 1960s.1 From its radio origins in the 1920s (broadcasting regional folk music through barn dances, the Grand Ole Opry and other live programming), it...

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The feminist science and technology studies reading group takes an intersectional stance. We reject the idea that to be a feminist is just to talk about gender [...]

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The department of Science and Technology Studies.

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